Our team

Nikitin Boris Head of the Club

# TDI: 18253
Russia, Moscow. Course Director, Instructor SDI OWD, Deep, CPR 1st, Dry Suit, Ice, Computer Nitro

My first dive was in 1997 in the Black sea. For a long time I did not become the professional, as I understood that my experience was not enough to convey it to others. Only after I learned all the recreational specializations and the number of dives has passed for 700, I decided to move on. Since 2014 the diving training with a special equipment moved to the rank of substantive work. Instructor #18253


Ilya Sergeevich


In 2011 in the trip to the Baikal, a friend, who already got into diving a couple of years, offered a trial dive, "suddenly like". I looked at another world, felt a real depth, when we can't see the bottom. Instead of feeling fear, I felt a desire to dive again. To think it took almost 3 years, and in 2014 I began teaching. When I came back to lake Baikal, I was able to fully enjoy the beauty of this incredible lake. Ahead of new horizons, new skills and a lot, a lot of practice.

Tatyana Nikitina




Before the organization of the club I used to work in a large Corporation as a HR Manager, where service and customer orientation were in the first place. For me, it was close to both. But the purposes of the company were different from mine.

Now I'm doing what I enjoy: organizing trips, training, writing articles and running a store.

Andrey Fetisov

# TDI: 28010

Andrey Fetisov joined us in 2017 with AOWD certificate and fully improved to Divemaster qualification 

with specializations CPR 1St, Dry suit, TDI Sidemount, Deep, Nitrox, Solo, Ice diving and Wreck diving.

Andrey always ready to help and just make company in different dives and training sessions 

for adults and young certified divers in the pool or open water.

Areas of interest: ice diving, diving on sunken objects (wreck diving). 

Andrey - self-sufficient (Solo) diver.

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