Season opening! May 2018

Hurray! The opening of the season took place!

The trip was attended by 13 people.

Host: diving center Sadko Ryazan.

Temperature of water: +9

Visibility: 5-7 m, after an evening rain strongly worsened.

Average depth: 6 m



Helicopter, bus, ship and other objects were flooded in the quarry. There is a great opportunity to take the course SDI Wreck Diver not far from home. Congratulations to Andrey Fetisov on the successful completion of the course!

Trial dive. In a large family of divers addition! 2 people completed trial dives on this trip. Congratulations Iskander Kamalov and Sergey!

The depth of the pond makes it absolutely comfortable to carry out trial dives and initial courses.

In the diving center Sadko Ryazan was very comfortable, convenient and tasty. We will definitely return there this year!


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